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Lip sync much?!

Ok, so I get that some performers lip sync to better their overall show quality.  Many heighten a performance with dance or ridiculous stunts that would make it nearly impossible to sing without sounding horrendous.  Uhh…but don’t most people go to concerts for the music?

Last week, Kristina DeBarge performed her hit song “Goodbye” on Fox’ show So You Think You Can Dance.  Within the first 2 seconds of her performance, my family room erupted with laughter at her poor attempt to lip sync.  If you can’t do it, don’t.  (Particularly so you can do a less than mediocre dance on a show full of some of the country’s most talented dancers.)

Kristina DeBarge’s heinous performance of “Goodbye” on So You Think You Can Dance:


3 thoughts on “Lip sync much?!

  1. Hm I know she lip synced but at least she only did it so she could dance. Plus it was a welcome relief since in every other performance on the show when the artist song live it sounded horrrrrible.

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