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Tony Lucca’s “Rendezvous With the Angels” review; ‘It’s about the ebb and flow of love,’ he says

Tony Lucca, an artist who has been singing since the age of 3, playing in Detroit-area bands since age 12 and a past member of the Mickey Mouse Club, has done it again.  His July release, “Rendezvous With the Angels,” does not have a single flaw and serves as an instant mood lifter and distraction from life.  I actually ended up eating lunch about two hours later than usual the day I flipped my iPod to this album because I was perfectly content listening to it on repeat and failed to notice the time.  I first heard Lucca in Champaign, Ill., when he toured with Sara Bareilles in the spring of 2009.  My assignment was to cover her concert, but I had a hard time not writing a review that boasted about their talents equally.

The great thing about Tony Lucca is that I can’t really compare him to another artist.  The natural sound his voice emanates makes it difficult for me to say my standard “this artist sounds like…” type statement because he just doesn’t sound like any other artists.  Pretty impressive seeing as we are currently stuck in the era of unoriginal pop music.  His voice is natural, honest, sexy and refreshingly pure–not a bad combination.  Lucca also has the ability to pack his album with the element of surprise.  Just when I think I should grab a box of Kleenex to prepare myself for another touching ballad, he comes at me with a playful song that has me bopping along in my chair to the point of embarrassment.

Says Lucca of his album:

I set out to make a record that was me, as much as possible.  I was trying to look at things from another angle.  There are songs that deal with faith in love and letting go of relationships in hopes that they may return.  It’s about the ebb and flow of love.

Spoken like a true lyricist.  One of the results of listening to “Rendezvous With the Angels” is that it makes you form a relationship with Lucca, whether you like it or not.  His music recognizes the most human of emotions, developing a connection between artist and audience upon listening.

The album opens up with a playful, flirtatious song titled Like Love. Touched with a guitar line reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s Change the World, the first track sets the tone for a full range of emotions to come, as Lucca unexpectedly goes on to sing “nothing ever hurt like love.”  Stay With Me Tonight, best described as a romantic plea, and Song to a Martyr are perfect to listen to when looking for a song to match your mood.  Have you ever had a day when you’re pretty sure your iPod knows you’re going through a break up, or your favorite contestant on “American Idol” was just voted off? (Uhh…maybe that last one is just me.)  Cue: What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts.  Moments like that are seemingly inevitable.  See one of those days in your future?  Save your iPod the trouble and scroll to Song to a Martyr.

Lucca’s songs also have the ability to create a visual while listening.  His cover of Billy Joel’s song Vienna waltzes with a European flair and transports the listener to another place entirely.  Tickled with interesting piano tidbits, it pays homage to Billy Joel but still allows Lucca to showcase his talent.  Love Light is yet another standout song on the album.  Every single second of time that ticks by is charged with a full sound and accessorized with warm harmonies.  Other songs worth listening to a second, third or fourth time are: Anchored, Always, Nobody But You and Back to Me.

Click here to learn more about Tony Lucca.

Like Love (live):

Vienna (live):

Nobody But You (live):

Long Love Letter (live):

Always (live – written about his baby girl):



One thought on “Tony Lucca’s “Rendezvous With the Angels” review; ‘It’s about the ebb and flow of love,’ he says

  1. Hey, found you through Tony’s page. I like all of them on the voice, but Tony rocks. We Tony fans have to make sure to vote extra hard to get him the win. Really the top 4 already won, but it would be nice for him to be the official winner.

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