“Hold it Against Me” – Oh, I think we will…

Oops, she did it again.  Britney Spears’ new single leaked today…and I wish it hadn’t.  The electro/club/dance sound only contributes to her overly computerized voice, and makes it all sound a bit robotic.  It isn’t all that surprising seeing as she seemed to take advantage of technology when she was ridiculously popular, but the girl needs to learn when to hang it up.

B-Spears, you should’ve stopped while you were ahead (eh, or at least while you weren’t this far behind).  You against the music?  Music: 1.  Spears: 0.


2 thoughts on ““Hold it Against Me” – Oh, I think we will…

  1. Pretty much the ideal anthem for ZERO GRAVITY foam parties…
    But seriously she doesn’t even deserve a j-biebs style first intial-last name nickname.

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