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Blogging is a passion project

2016 marks the seventh year of HauteThought’s existence. That’s right, I’ve been blabbing in my own corner of the Internet for seven whole years. That number took me by surprise. I feel like I’m still getting my feet wet, slowly trying to figure out topics and points of focus, yet this blog has been around for longer than a college career. Time flies when you’re blogging, I suppose.

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HauteThought began as a way to get myself into the music industry. I was fresh off of an internship with the music critic at the Chicago Tribune and he left me with a very nice piece of advice: start a blog. A blog, he said, would be a way for me to find my voice and to consistently write about music. I could call the shots on content and interact with like minded music critics.

Within a month, I got a comment from a music publicist who was pushing Tony Lucca. She stumbled across a post I did on him and asked if she could send me music similar to his. Given that my work dream is to be a music publicist, you can imagine how exciting this was for me. I started writing reviews on Rock Ridge Music artists regularly. I reached out to numerous other record labels to let them know that I was willing to review their artists. After all, I was always looking for content. Much to my surprise, I started getting tons of CDs in the mail. I was in music journalism heaven.

I slowly began to toss in different content over the next few years, but HauteThought had a very music focused theme until 2014. The change in focus doesn’t mean I have lost all interest in music. Blogs evolve just like personal tastes do. This platform is no different. This year has had a large focus on personal experiences and not a single music post, yet.

Having a blog isn’t easy and I’m certainly not in it for the money (still waiting for that to happen). It can be tough coming home from a regular job and sitting down to write. But blogging is a passion project and it has helped me learn and discover new things about myself. I’ve found other blogs to follow and look forward to reading their new posts. I can only hope people feel the same way about mine.

Here’s to the next seven years!



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