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Do the Helen Keller? Grow up.

Clearly these guys need help getting girls.  Newsflash, boys...telling a girl to shut up won't help your game.

Clearly these guys need help getting girls. Newsflash, boys...telling a girl to shut up won't help your game.

I am all for free speech…but that doesn’t mean respect needs to fly out of the window in order for some artist to practice his first amendment right.  In 3Oh!3’s new song, “Don’t Trust Me,” the following lyrics are uttered from their desperate, fame seeking lips:

Shush girl, shut your lips.
Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said shush girl, shut your lips.
Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said shush girl, shut your lips.
Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.

She wants to touch me who-oh.
She wants to love me who-oh.
She’ll never leave me who-oh, who-oh, oh, oh.
Don’t trust a ho.
Never trust a ho.
Won’t trust
‘Cause a ho don’t trust me.

Yes, 3Oh!3, the way to get a girl is to ask her to drop her talking privileges and become mute.  I get that the music is fun, but did they have to write the lyrics they did?  Answer: no.

Unfortunately, most people, including radio disc jockeys, are referring to the song as “The Helen Keller Song.”  Not only is it blatantly rude to those with disabilities similar to those suffered by Helen Keller, it is also extremely degrading to women.  Parents chattering away on their cell phones will inevitably miss their children, as well as their friends’ children, singing, “shush girl, shut your lips…do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips.”  Awww…how precious.  Tape it with the camcorder feature on your Blackberries.  I’m sure that’s something you’ll want to show the grandchildren.

What’s funny about the disrespectful reference to Helen Keller is that it really has no point.  It comes during the bridge, and has no relevance to the rest of the song.  To me, that renders it unnecessary.  Don’t trust a ho=Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips?  Call me stupid, but I don’t get it…and I’m hoping most of 3Oh!3’s listeners don’t get it, either.

3Oh!3 needs to grow up.  If reading the lyrics didn’t make you think so, watch the video.  Thoughts?


33 thoughts on “Do the Helen Keller? Grow up.

  1. Annie!!!! I had the SAME response you did! My younger sister (read: 14 year-old) played it for me the first time I ever heard it and I liked the song….until those lyrics came over the speakers. I couldn’t believe my ears and immediately was furious! My sister laughed it off and said that there were worse songs out there, but COME ON! I don’t think that those types of lyrics are okay, nor should they be touted as some new way of being edgy. It’s just plain disrespectful.

    I’m glad someone out there agrees with me 🙂

    • I heard it at the gym last night. Could not believe what I was hearing. Helen could, in fact, talk. In fact, she gave presentations and speeches. She learned to communicate with sign language on her hand. The disrespect in this song makes me feel quite devastated.

  2. these guys are disgraceful. yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. they need to stop singing, start thinking, and then move to greenland.

  3. Man! Not a good choice by them. To be honest, I don’t like the lyrics of the song as a whole! A chorus that is “Don’t trust a ho” can’t attract too many listeners. Not to mention that bridge you talk about.

    The sad thing is, I like the song’s sound. I’m a fan of the way they use the distortion effect. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the song because of the words!

  4. steven: “A chorus that is “Don’t trust a ho” can’t attract too many listeners.”

    Unfortunately, the song has sold over 2 million digital copies on iTunes, the album is halfway to going gold, and the song is currently in Billboard’s Top 10. I think it’s attracted plenty of listeners.

    • lol like i said if you dont like the song dont listen to it personally i love the song and it is very popular like you said

      ps. 3oh!3 is my favorite band 🙂 love them

      btw to annie. i am not saying i approve the lyrics but you dont have to go and start a whole thing about on the internet cause not many people care what you say they are still going to listen to the song thank you!


  5. OK first of alll most of these people dont write their own songs and 3oh!3 is a fucking great band so leave them alone


    • classic response from someone obviously too young to appreciate what the song does to them by merely listening to it.

      wake up, little girl. the more you accept this kind of hate the easier it will be to get hurt by it. permanently.

      i don’t listen to the song — or any like them — because i know they’re crap for the most part, nothing ‘musical’ about them. just a bunch of angry boys who think they’re men running off at the mouth about how tough they are. just grow up.

  6. What ever happened to FUN?
    We can all stop being so politically correct for a few minutes. I mean, is it necessary to take everything so seriously?
    I’m not ignorant, I’m not stupid, but I do know that if I got offended by all the music out there I’d never have awesome dance parties, and that would be a travesty.
    Close your mind, open your ears, and dance around like a loon.
    You may have a good time (*gasp!)

  7. Omg its a band
    Lets not take this so seriously
    Let it go, its there song they can sing whatever
    I like the band and so do my entire highschool
    yeaa its offensive but have you listend to the kind of music out there?
    I meen what about Insane clown posse?
    Thats even worse than 3OH!3
    Keep your opinion to yourself cause seriously
    quit trying to riun it for everyone else
    Are we gunna diss lady gaga for “love game”
    I agree with what Jamie ( June 13, 2009) said
    eveyone CHILL!!!!

  8. For those of you complaining about Annie’s article, need I remind you that this is a “Thoughts Out Loud” blog. That means that this article is her OPINION. Therefore, stop writing here saying that she should keep her thoughts on the song to herself. That’s kind of the point of the blog. If you don’t like what you are reading, you can move along. Even though the radio forces us to hear this inappropriate music until we have a chance to change the station, nobody is forcing you to read this page.

    Save the BS comments for high school…

    • there’s a fine line between opinions and bashing. its a song, seriously.. so you don’t like the lyrics, so what? you cant criticize other people for stating their opinions too.

  9. oh my god seriously? this is just a song. its not saying anything crude about women or people with dissabilities. you are being a little dramatic. 3oh!3 doesn’t need to grow up… you do.

  10. danielle: if you don’t care about what people think, stop reading blogs.

    Danielle: classy post, you familiar sounding, classy lady.

  11. I can’t believe this fucking blog is one of the first things that comes up on google when i type in 3oh!3.. pathetic
    honestly this is the only song i dont listen to by them. not cuz of the lyrics, more cuz they were better before people started obsessing over them (or “dont trust me” rather)
    now this is the only song i ever hear when they have so many better ones.
    they cant be your “fav band” if this is yer “fav song” by them.

    and now at the blog writer, go listen to some of those fucking rap songs that talk specifically sex, drugs and shooting up some white kids, then tell me 3oh!3 needs to grow up. i have nothing against any music, if it sounds good, ill listen to it. fuck genre stereotyping.

    you dont like them, listen to someone else.

  12. Advice to orlynow?–-

    If you don’t like reading anyone else’s opinion, don’t read it, please. The purpose of music criticism is to report how one feels about a certain song/CD/concert. Generally speaking, these writers are able to convey their opinions using proper English, too. Google that. Also, you said you don’t like genre stereotyping, yet you just did it to the extreme….

    You don’t like my blog? Read someone else’s.

    • I’m sorry. I’ll start capitalizing all of the words that should be, as well as add in the punctuation I didn’t feel like typing because it’s not a needed at the moment.

      I didn’t stereotype any genre, I merely stated that rap uses an excess of it. By “genre stereotyping”, I meant for instance not listening to rap just because it IS rap.

      And by the way, there are people who like music more for the instrumentals/rhythm rather than the vocals/lyrics. In their case, I doubt they care whether Helen Keller is mentioned or not.

      • The lyrics matter. You can’t negate the meaning of the song by the surface justification that there are “people who like music more for the instrumentation/rhythm.” Helen Keller, an activist, someone who overcame enormous adversity in spite of multiple disabilities, and an American icon is referred to so shamefully here. In addition, the message of the song implies that women should just submit? Beyond disgraceful, distasteful, and disrespectful. The lack of class from this band is appalling and embarrassing.

  13. I can see both points, however….
    People are taking themselves too seriously. I like the song, although I can’t really say that the language used is acceptable. But nevertheless, at the end of the day it’s just a song. If you don’t like it, then step off the high horse long enough to turn the radio dial. If you spend your time worrying about what everyone else is doing then you’re never going to live your own life.

    So in essence, I guess what I’m trying to say can be summed up rather quickly….

    Stop pointing the finger and judging other people, get a real hobby… and grow up.

  14. ooh i think you two should arm wrestle!

    orlynow?: you sound JUST like the type of person i can picture enjoying this music. obviously very thoughtful in your responses, appropriate word choices, and an incredibly professional approach that makes people really want to take you seriously. yup.

    Hmm… (and all other blog readers): stop reading blogs if you don’t care what other people think! music critics, movie critics, ALL critics carefully review their respective materials and make JUDGEMENTS based on general instinct and what their education has taught them. sharing their opinions online with whomever chooses to read about them is called “blogging,” which, coincidentally, is much closer to qualifying as a REAL hobby than “blog-reading.” heck… it even qualifies as a PROFESSION for some people.

    “so in essence, i guess what i’m trying to say can be summed up rather quickly…,”

    keep pointing the finger at other people (that’s called blogging), judge other people (sometimes affirmatively and sometimes negatively (that’s called blogging, too)), get a real hobby (like blogging… or badminton. badminton is a great hobby)… and go buy an ipod. radios can be SO unreliable.


    • Yes, I have a name too. :p

      Ya, sarcasm, I’ve heard it before. Anyways, I wasn’t exactly trying to offend anyone. Sorry if I offended Annie, which I probably did. Same for the rest of you. It’s not really that the whole lyrics argument set me off, it’s more the fact that 85% of people are conformists. In my eyes it seems like that amount anyways. People tend to only know of/listen to radio songs of a certain band. Not just 3OH!3 but any band, let’s say Rooftops by Lostprophets for example, hardly anyone listens to their Start Something album, or even their first album The Fake Sound of Progress.

      Anyway, point is: 1) Ya I agree the lyrics for this song are profound and they probably could have done with out the Helen Keller lines but a lot of artists these days have used equal or worse lyrics, not necessarily about a specific person.
      2) I hate conformists who think they love a band yet their favorite song is the bands radio song along with the fact that they know maybe 1 or 2 other songs by the artist.
      And 3) I WILL listen to any music/band. I think I was looking for a different word rather ‘than stereotype’ genres. Discriminate maybe? Idk But I’ll listen to any genre/band/song and if I like it, I’ll continue to listen to that band and find more songs by the band or more artists within the genre. Or sometimes I like one song by a band/artist, can’t exactly say the band/artist is my favorite now can I? Nor could the song be my favorite by the artist seeing as it’s the only one I like. That’s how I see it anyways. I don’t specify genres that I’ll only listen to.

      Sorry again.

  15. i think you need to shut up and deal with it, its a fuckin song. no need to shit a brick. this song is awesome. go back to bible camp u idiot.

  16. my bowels are flowing quite nicely, thank you.

    and i KNOW it’s just a song, but i have really enjoyed talking about it for the past 20 posts and rrrrriling people up. do you feel riled? i feel slightly riled.

    time to go! church on tuesday afternoons is fun 🙂

  17. I would have to say that the song has a great beat, and it is a ton of fun to dance to but the lyrics leave a bit to be desired. Wait, let me rephrase that. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired. I’m usually never one to listen to the lyrics, but when you wrote them out, I must say that it put the song in a different perspective. Bottom line: great dance/party music; horrible lyrics/message.

  18. yeah ur gonna critize these songs, like listen to reggaeton! that music, yeah translate them in english you will see how ofensive it is to women, but this band? come on they do it for fun! go for reggaeton like all latin america listens to it and the lyrics are worse, or how about other lyrics like rap litent o those and ull see women will always be treated as a sexual object, now why dont u critize that? helen kellet tbh i dont kno who it is coz im not even from USA, but look at other contries explore them n ull se that this song is nothing compared to the other awful songs out there….and nothing has to be so serious, why dont u critize how many poor people there are in the streets, but a song? “teacing ur kids this” ahh come on ppl here in my country listen to it and dont get it, like a thousand other songs out there! no need to make a big deal of it, there are lots of things that are worse than a song, like yeah their bad lyrics but there are worse, dont critize to guys who just do songs to have fame, and have fun doing, not like some people that like hate it, while u hate these guys r winning whats really bad and what is bad?

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