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Attack! Attack!

Attack!  Attack!  UK

Some bands just have…”it.” Attack! Attack!, a pop/punk rock group from Wales, UK, most certainly possesses the it factor that so many groups strive for. Their fun sound reminds me of Fallout Boy or Panic! At the Disco but with a bit of a tweak. The difference? Attack! Attack! is better.

Attack! Attack! has a way of perfecting the punk rock sound without flooding it with a whiny lead singer. Not once did I feel bored by the lyrics or the music. I didn’t have to hear about the countless high school break ups lead the musicians to tears. See? It’s possible to produce an amazing punk rock CD without the overwhelming feeling of teenage angst. Note to other punk rockers: listen to this CD. You could learn a thing or two.

Then again, I don’t have to be the one to tell you just how much Attack! Attack! has made a name for itself in the United States. You and Me, the second track on the disc, was featured in an episode of 90210 and will be in Guitar Hero 5. Calling this an accomplishment would be the understatement of the century. Attack! Attack! will be joining bands such as Aerosmith and Cheap Trick on a video game that is rapidly taking over households (and college dorms…) everywhere. As if this weren’t enough, Honesty will also be featured in the new game “FUEL.”

Why aren’t these guys on the radio yet?!?! Their ability to bring a new sound to an already established genre is impeccable, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t handle change very well. Somehow, the originality brought forth by Attack! Attack! was smooth enough to where I applauded it. Those that know me well would realize that this is quite an accomplishment.

Choosing a favorite song on this album was a difficult task. Honesty, the first song on the CD, captivated me. I can honestly (bah dum chhh) say that I listened to it four times on repeat while driving around. It made me sing along before I knew the words. This was fun for me, but probably unfortunate for the old couple I was next to for an extended period of time at a stoplight. Sorry about that…. As it turns out, Honesty was not the only song to have have that affect. I understand why both You and Me and This is a Test caught the media’s attention.

I would grab the CD before Guitar Hero 5 comes out, because once it’s been heard on the game, copies of Attack! Attack!’s newest release will fly off the shelves before you can move your fingers from green to red to blue.


You and Me:

This is a Test:


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