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Sneak Peek: Super 400 “Sweet Fist” Release Date: September 8th, 2009

Super 400 CD Album Cover

It’s no shock that as each decade passes, a new musical genre takes over and dominates the music scene. Genres change, and so do audiences. One has to wonder what would happen if a group was bold enough to bring a past genre back. Is that taboo? Defintely not. Super 400 has the bravery and the talent to bring back a genre that dominated radio waves for decades. Classic rock.

Super 400 made no jokes about bringing back rock of the past. Rather than recording on the high-tech recording equipment used today, the group chose to record the entire album on 2 inch tape using original recording equipment. That’s right. No protools and no fancy synthesizers to make the singers sound like robots. Sorry Lil’ Wayne, but the ’70s would not have been your time.

Listening to an album built on talent is always exciting for me. Knowing that real people (rather than computers) are singing and playing the instruments I hear when I hit the play button is refreshing. Sure, it’s bringing back something that was popular years ago, but who ever said talent went out of style?

Super 400’s sound isn’t comparable to anything on the radio and that’s just what I like about it. The guitar solos aren’t full of power chords and wannabe popstar melodies. Sand Hill, the sixth track on the CD, offers a great blues vibe throughout. About midway through the song, I had to make sure my mom’s BB King album wasn’t playing in the background.

Together, the three members of the band, Joe Daley (drums), Lori Friday (bass and vocals), and Kenny Hohman (lead guitar and lead vocals), combine to create the sound of a modern day Led Zeppelin. Although they have a similar music vibe and used comparable recording equipment as the rock legends to make “Sweet Fist,” Super 400’s vocal lines and chords come across cleaner than those created under Robert Plant’s lead.

If you’re in the mood for something different, read up on Super 400 before their September 8th release date. Allow yourself to let go and welcome back the sound of classic rock.

To learn more about Super 400’s reborn sound, visit their website.

FFMN by Super 400

Flashlight by Super 400

[Note: Emergency is not on “Sweet Fist.”]



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