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Featured Artist: Placebo releases “Battle for the Sun”

Placebo Album Cover

After 13 years, five studio albums, 10 million album sales, breaks and fixes, Placebo has released their first album since 2006.  “Battle for the Sun” was released on June 9th, 2009, in the US and Canada.

The whirlwind of success they’ve gained and battles they’ve fought only helps to make their music more genuine.  Their last tour began with stadium appearances in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, France and Germany and ended with them as a broken band.  Regardless of how deep the break may have been rooted, some band members still had faith that they could come back together emotionally and allow their musical ideas find harmony again.

As put by Brian Molko (guitar/vocals):

Being in a band is very much like being in a marriage, and in the 21st century, marriages seem to run their course, and this is kind of what happened with Placebo.  We grew apart as people.

Rather than letting this keep them down, Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal (bass) came together and cranked out 18 new songs, acquired a new drummer–Steve Forrest–and began working with producer Dave Bottrill, a producer who previously worked with Tool.

The result?

“Battle for the Sun,” as well as a rejuvenated band ready to take the alternative world by storm (musically…not in some strange alternate universe).  One of the most noteworthy qualities about this album is just how prepared it is.  Rather than taking up the available disc space with very similar sounding songs, Placebo has found a way to make each song encompass a completely different sound.  Scroll down and listen to Kitty Litter and Bright Lights…you’ll understand after doing so.

Despite the things they’ve been through, the tracks found on Placebo’s “Battle for the Sun” are colorful and reflect their optimism for the future.

We’ve made a record about choosing life, about choosing to live, about stepping out of the darkness and into the light.  Not necessarily turning your back on the darkness because it’s there, it’s essential; it’s a part of who you are, but more about the choice of standing in the sunlight instead.

To learn more about Placebo, head to their website.

Standout songs on “Battle for the Sun” include:

Kitty Litter:

Bright Lights:

Speak in Tongues:

Battle for the Sun (promo clip):


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