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A New Kind of Featured Artist: Leah Roszkowski

"Art is so arbitrary to the viewer that great art can come from the most unexpected places." --Leah Roszkowski

"Art is so arbitrary to the viewer that great art can come from the most unexpected places." - Leah Roszkowski

I really need to start surrounding myself with less talented people.  Some sing, some dance, some are great writers and some, like Leah, are amazing artists.  Despite how great my stick figures may appear, they are nothing compared to the intricate details Leah Roszkowski includes in her art…and she’s extremely modest about it.

Regardless of how large a part of her life art has become, it began as a hobby for Roszkowski.  In middle school, she started to allow art to fit into her schedule by drawing portraits of her friends.  It wasn’t until her senior year in high school that she truly began to consider art for a career.  Her art teacher, Mr. Volker, became very interested in her work and encouraged her to pursue art.  Graduation would test whether or not her knack for art would follow her into her college years.

Although she continued to keep art in her life, Roszkowski chose to enter college as a nursing major.  Halfway through her freshman year, she switched out of the major because, as thrilling as all of the chemistry classes probably were (…..), she simply did not enjoy it.  The second semester of her freshman year served as  a time for her to explore other majors before settling into one yet again.  After looking into architecture, history and civil engineering, Roszkowski knew that she could no longer deny her love for drawing and chose to stick with it.

Since the major switch, Roszkowski has dabbled in a multitude of styles and media.  This has allowed her to realize her personal style…and she doesn’t have one.  As an individual who thrives on change, being able to jump around and experiment with various styles and media is the perfect solution for Roszkowski.

Despite her clear talent for art and her passion for drawing, Roszkowski still experiences doubts here in there in regards to sticking to art.  (She’s human.  She questions things just like the rest of us.)  As much as I would love to describe these feelings for you myself, the best way to do it would be to allow you to hear Roszkowski’s thoughts on the subject:

It can be so frustrating at times when I start working on a piece and I hit a dead end.  The best comparison that I can think of to explain it is writer’s block.  Most of the time though, I push through it and get the drawing finished.  It’s the best feeling in the world when you transform something that looks terrible into something that you are proud of.  I think it’s that challenge that makes me love it so much.

Told you so.

Aside from her passion, the support of her family, particularly her mom, helps to keep her involved in art.  (Insert Leah’s  voice, again):

My mom has always been very supportive of my artwork.  She is the one that totally convinced me to be an art major.  Unlike most parents who would consider art “unpractical,” my mom has always believed that if you do what you love, it will work itself out.

Clearly, her mom was right in encouraging her daughter to pursue art.  Roszkowski has excelled in photography, drawing, graphic design, painting and being an all around extremely creative person.  In fact, her ideal career would not be sitting around in a gallery all day, debating the deeper meaning of the works created by art “geniuses.”  Instead, she would much rather diving into something that allows her to utilize her creativity.  Judging by just how creative and talented she is, Roszkowski should have no trouble in finding a job that suits her many creative talents.

To learn more about Leah Roszkowski and her work, please visit her website.

Pictured below is the work Roszkowski is most proud of–a series of one tree throughout the four seasons.  The tree figure is drawn on a surface collaged with old receipts to keep the work environmentally friendly.










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