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MTV Video Music Awards and Why Kanye West is a TOOL


So I’m sitting here working on my homework and watching the VMAs.  I generally don’t watch these unless I’m doing something mindless, but this year, 2 crazy things happened within the first 10 minutes and I haaad to keep it on after that.

The Michael Jackson tribute was amazing.  Having it end with Janet dancing along with a video of their hit song “Scream” was a perfect way for things to end.  I was actually excited to watch the show.

And then Kanye dropped the ball.  Why am I surprised?

Watch the AP video here first: (There is a short ad at the beginning.)

Isn’t that absurd?  I’m sorry you didn’t win anything, Kanye.  Maybe people would like you if you weren’t such a tool.

Ah, I jumped the gun when I said only 2 things happened….  I forgot that Lady GaGa was performing.  She chose to perform “Paparazzi” and drenched her white leotard in a red liquid to simulate blood.  Really?  I get that you don’t like the paparazzi, but are they actually killing you?  Personally, if you die from something anytime soon, I think it’ll be suffocation from one of your ridiculous headpieces.  It’ll probably be the one you wore tonight.  What a joke.

Luckily, two occurrences (aside from the MJ tribute) saved the absurdity of the evening.  Pink’s performance was absolutely amazing.  She sang “Sober” while hanging from the ceiling and performing acrobatics as if she were a part of a circus.  Crazy, insane and awesome.  Thank you for making the VMAs worth watching.  The second solid moment was when Beyonce let Taylor Swift have her time to shine.  Rather than giving her own acceptance speech, she invited Taylor Swift onstage to have her own moment.  Thanks to you, too.

Overall, I wish I had only seen the MJ tribute, Pink, Beyonce and the awkwardness that ensued when Lil’ Mama hopped on stage during the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys performance.  Your lip gloss is not poppin’, nor was it ever cool.  End of story.


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