5 bands you might not know (but definitely should)

By Tyler Deardorff, our new addition to Thoughts Out Loud/HauteThought


Tyler's pick as #1 band: Mumford and Sons


5.) We Shot the Moon

Plain, good music.  The choruses have a voice that make you want to sing along.  Check out “Sway Your Head.”  You will memorize the words in 2 days because you will not be able to stop listening.  They need more groups like We Shot the Moon on the radio.  It would be a breath of fresh air.

4.) Chris Saub

If you ever get a chance to see this guy live, definitely take it.  (Although, you will probably need to go to Omaha, Nebraska, to see him.)  His music is soothing enough to leave it on all night while you have dinner or while you just sit around and talk.  When he’s live, he does incredible covers of songs no other artist could do.  Check him out on iTunes. “At The End of a Perfect Day” stands as his best song.  His cover of “What a Wonderful World” is one of the greatest covers I’ve ever heard.

3.) Matt and Kim

I saw these guys at Lollapalooza, Chicago’s huge music festival, in 2010 and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Try not to dance when you listen to them.  Good luck.  Matt and Kim don’t play the standard dance beat you hear on the radio; they have such a distinct sound to them.  Listen to “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” or “Cameras.”  Great songs, perfect summer music.

2.) The Secret Handshake

Disclaimer: this isn’t usually my type of music.  It’s almost too poppy, but this band dares you not to smile when you hear their music.  The Secret Handshake has the perfect combination of techno beats and fun rhymes that add up to pure happiness.  “TGIF” sings about classic ’90s shows like Fresh Prince, Step by Step and Full House (gag me.)  This is a band that is actually pretty good live, too. Most people would be put off by them at first (guilty as charged) and think of 8th grade girls trying to be “the scene” (again, guilty as charged).  It takes time, but The Secret Handshake is worth your time. Try it out.


1.) Mumford and Sons

This is the greatest band out there.  That’s probably why you’ll hear of them by the time you’re reading this.  They are on the verge of breaking out.  Mumford and Sons is what music is about.  They don’t have one bit of any other bands sound; they are 100% original.  I also saw them at Lollapalooza and it was the most powerful show I have ever seen.  The banjo is a nice touch.  You can sing along to all of their songs.  What are you doing here?  Go check ’em out.


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