Is Justin Bieber a quadruple threat?

Justin Bieber has just entered yet another artistic medium and can confidently call himself a quadruple threat  (quintuple if you count his ability to make teenage girls scream).

Artistic Threat Re-Cap:

1.) Sings (duh…)

2.) Dances (he’s getting better.)

3.) Acts (he appeared on CSI’s season premier this season)

4.) Apparently he writes now, too.

Just a few days ago, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, hit the shelves.  The 16-year-old hair flipping, multiplatinum artist has officially published his first memoir.  Yes, a memoir…written by a16-year-old.  A memoir?!  Written by a 16-year-old?!  At this present moment, I can judge it too harshly because I haven’t read it.  However, based off of the dramatic reading of the text hosted by MTV, the book is everything one might expect it to be: J-Biebs discussing girls and how lucky he is to have achieved such sudden fame.

Still trying to decide if it’s worth reading…


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