Guilty Pleasure

By: Tyler Deardorff

Tyler’s take on the almost YouTube billionaire.

Everybody likes Lady Gaga.  They’re just too afraid to admit it.  Yes, she may be a little out there and yes, she maybe have worn a dress made out of meat…but she is music right now.  She may be a little crazy but you know you can’t help but dance to her music.  (Sidenote: Alejandro is the coolest song ever.)  Her concerts are like a freaking movie–so over the top, but so cool.  You are totally weirded out but at the same time, you’re blown away.  But, nobody wants to admit that they listen to Lady Gaga.  It’s a guilty pleasure for most people.  It’s like saying, “yes, I listen to Justin Bieber” or “yes, I listen to Miley Cyrus.”  I’m not saying Lady Gaga is bad; I’m just saying that she’s so weird that people don’t want to like her.  I doubt a guy wants a girl he’s taking on a date to find Lady Gaga on his iPod….  I can confidently tell you, Lady Gaga will be remembered 20 years from now just like The Beatles are remembered today. Maybe not for how much her songs have impacted us, per say, but how much she’s impacted pop culture.  Can you name anyone in music either as famous or more famous than her?  Don’t you dare say Justin Bieber ’cause he doesn’t count.  He wrote a memoir before he hit puberty.  You may not like her now but just watch, you’ll come to like her sooner or later.


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