Why “Friends” should be made into a movie

By: Tyler Deardorff

Ok, let’s all be honest here.  We miss Friends.  We miss Joey saying “How you doin’?”  We miss Ross making funny faces and high pitch noises and Rachel making her new hairstyles an annual event.  We want that reunion so bad, yet it hasn’t happened.  The creators have to know that it would be a huge success and I’m sure the six stars would have no problem getting another paycheck.  Look at it this way: Sex and the City was on HBO, a channel not a lot of people have and the 2 reunion movies turned into big successes.  Friends was on NBC, a channel everyone has.  It’s basic knowledge that Friends is a better, more popular show.  So why not make a movie or even a frickin’ made for TV movie?  They can base it off of a Thanksgiving episode (those were always the funniest).

C’mooonnnnn we all need to hear Chandler make a sarcastic joke and Pheobe sing “Smelly Cat.”  Everyone wants to see the purple apartment and that weird golden frame around the peephole on the door.  (Did they ever look through that peephole once in the series’ 10 year history?)  The series finale was the 3rd most watch series finale EVER!  Just behind M*A*S*H and Seinfeld.  In a way, Friends was our generation’s Seinfeld.  Sure, the two shows were on during the same time slot at one point but let me put it this way, my dad watches Seinfeld and my sister watches Friends.  My dad is 61-years-old and my sister is not.  Get it?  K, good.  When Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were on Courtney Cox’s (no longer arquette 😦 ) Cougar Town, all the media were calling it “a mini Friends reunion.”  Why not make it a full-sized Friends reunion??  One of life’s great unanswered questions.  Hopefully, it won’t be unanswered for long.


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