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“Saw 3D” Review

By: Tyler Deardorff


Another Halloween, another SAW movie.  It’s a tradition now.  Ok, I’m going to be honest and get this out of the way: for some weird reason, I like the SAW movies.  Yes, the acting may suck and it may be pretty disgusting but under all of that are pretty good morals.  That lasted through the first 2 movies.  The same goes with the crazy twists.  Now, to SAW 1,985.  This is how I grade it:

Quality – F

Acting – D

Twist – F

Morals – D

Enjoyable – C

The acting is the worst in this movie.  I can’t even say the twist without ruining it but it pissed me off because it ruined the rest of the movies.  Jigsaw died in the 3rd one.  Doesn’t that usually mean the series is over?  Oh, ok guess not, just checking.  The main character is an “author” who wrote a book based on his survival from a Jigsaw trap…except that he’s a fraud and wasn’t in a trap.  SHOCKER.  So, his traps are teaching him how to be honest.  One of the worst things about this movie is the quality.  It seems that the production team rushed to make this movie.  The makeup is god awful.  You’d think by the seventh one they would know how to torture people and make it look real.  You can tell where the hooks are in a guys chest and you can tell that the guy’s back that is glued to a seat being ripped off is rubber.  This one just sucked. Somehow though, I could sit through it.  I hope this isn’t a sign of me becoming Charles Manson.  I might want to put the cyanide away…..JOKING!  November Fools!!!!  Anyway, don’t bother seeing this movie.  Even if you’re a fan of the series. It just makes the series look bad.


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