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The 5 best shows on TV

By: Tyler Deardorff

5. The Walking Dead (AMC)
Ok, I’m cheating on this one since it just premiered but you can’t get more original than having a show about zombies. It looks like they had actual fear and emotion in this show. Can’t wait to watch it. A guy wakes up in a hospital and finds out the world is inhabited by the walking dead. He sets out to find his family. He hides in a tank at one point in the preview as it gets covered in zombies.  Oh, it’ll be great.

4. Chuck (NBC)
One of the most underrated shows out there. This adds humor, romance and spies into one original, funny, touching show. Let’s call it Chuck with F*R*I*E*N*D*S like James Bond. (You see that? I combined the elements it mixes into a title. Oh, I’m so creative.)   Chuck is about an underachieving Best Buy worker who accidently downloads government files into his brain and has to work for the CIA.  His team consists of a hardass, a badass and a REEEEEEALLY hot girl who they have a Ross and Rachel or Jim and Pam romance going on with. Plus, he wears Chucks.

3. The Buried Life (MTV)
I have never been so touched by a show while laughing so hard.  This show is so legit!  It’s about 4 college buddies who set out and do things on their bucket list.  The touching part is that when they cross something off their list, they help a random stranger cross something off their’s (reunite me with my long lost kid, get over my fear of heights, etc.) MTV doesn’t help them doing this at all except maybe give them gas money.  They have done everything from crash a wedding to sneak into the playboy mansion to ask out Megan Fox and Taylor Swift.  Most recently they stole a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair.  You’re missing out if you’re not watching this show.

2. Modern Family (ABC)
This show rescued the classic sitcom with just one simple thing: actual humor. It’s about one large family who, like all families, have their issues. It’s also very diverse. The dad is married to a much younger, beautiful Columbian wife. His daughter is married to a loveable idiot with 3 kids, and his son is gay with a boyfriend and they adopted a baby from Vietnam. The show is hilarious. One of the best things about this show is that you can jump in at any time and not be totally lost. The son’s boyfriend Cameron is the funniest character. With his overdramatic personality and one liners, he makes you crack up every time you see him. The husband Phil is hilarious as a dad trying to be the cool dad but mostly ends up being the embarrassing dad. (You all know which one you are.) The show gets props for handling the gay and Columbian situation with maturity and honesty instead of the usual stereotypes. That’s where the show succeeds.

1.The Office (NBC)
Of course I picked this as my number one. It’s hilarious. It’s original. It’s how Steve Carell got his start. This is where “That’s What She Said” got her start. This show isn’t just funny. It has moments of sincerity with great acting. The quieter scenes are just as good as the over the top moments and that’s a tough thing to pull off. John Krasinski plays Jim and he is the best character on the show. With smartassness and slackerness (yes, I just made those 2 words up) he always finds a new prank to pull on Dwight. And like Chuck, the supporting cast is outstanding. Season 2 – 4 are the best ones because it has the best “will they or won’t they” since Ross and Rachel. Jim and Pam’s story line is touching, cute and hilarious. That’s where John Krasinski really shines as an actor. Go watch the show. It has always left me smiling and satisfied (that’s what she said).


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