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Song of the day: “Falling Apart” – Matt Nathanson

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Listening to DJs Eric and Kathy during my frantic race (if I could highlight “frantic race” and make it size 100 font, I would) to the train station this morning, I learned a bit about Matt Nathanson.  Eric informed listeners that Nathanson has to be at least “6 foot billion” and both he and Kathy couldn’t get over how nice he was during their encounter with him.  Apparently he’s a hugger and believes that bars full of overserved, touchy feely patrons is one full of love.  He just feels it.  He feels love.  The DJs had other opinions as to what bars are full of at 2am, but I’ll let you use your imaginations. 

Learning about Nathanson’s antics made me realize that while I may know a lot about him now, I don’t know more than 2 or 3 of his songs.  I like the songs I know, so this gave me a mission.  Find another Matt Nathanson song that I like, and make it the song of the day.  Lucky for me (and for you), it wasn’t a very difficult endeavor.  I settled into “Falling Apart” not long after I got to work and it instantly became worth of the “song of the day” title.  It isn’t as quick as his most popular song Come on Get Higher but it shares a similar conversational tone.  Plus, a song about love by a “6 foot billion” hopeless romantic is always a winner in my book.


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