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Song of the day: “Rebellion (Lies)” – The Arcade Fire

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I’m suuuch a sell-out.  Arcade Fire wins a Grammy and thennn I do a post about them.  Hipsters are cursing my name as they kick a rock down a poorly paved street with their worn-down Converse sneakers.  Okay.  Over it.  Can we all agree on that?

This song did not come to me as an early morning treat or Pandora discovery.  It was a recommendation from a friend, which, if you ask me, is one of the best ways to find new music.  I was told that this song had “piano, strings, guitar and stuff” throughout.  To anyone that doesn’t know me all that well, any song with piano or strings has a big chance of pulling a Charlie Sheen and winning with me.  And so began my love affair with OneRepublic…

I digress.

This song has a particular quality to it that I can best describe in terms of movie scenes.  Think: Cameron Diaz bopping around to The Killers a la The Holiday and Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  Two very different movies with ridiculously similar scenes – the main characters completely lose themselves in the music, and have a great time dancing around by themselves. 

So weird. 

Let’s judge them. 

Who does that? 

I challenge you to have a horrible time while listening to this song.  Please, I beg of you, let me know if you do.  Better idea…when you have the house to yourself, blast this song and act a fool.  The rebellion might be a bit liberating.


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