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Jenny’s Song of the Day: “Party in the USA” – Miley Cyrus (sort of)

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Turns out there are a few ways to have a song of the day.  I try to find a new song each day, but Jenny has a song that describes and compliments her day–also rendering it a song of the day!

by: Jenny Bolam

I would like to think that I have semi-sophisticated taste in music. I’m a big fan of an augmented fifth, an electric violin and a hard core piano intro, and once in awhile I whip out my one semester of music theory to make myself feel cultured. However, I am also a huge sucker for a guilty pleasure song. At least once a month I will watch a few old school Britney videos, and though I object to Bieber-mania, “Baby” always puts a smile on my face. But seriously, how can you not just laugh when Ludacris starts rapping about Starbucks? Pure awesome.

Today, my guilty pleasure song came in the form of Miley Cyrus. I kind of think that she is nuts, she has an odd (auto-tuned) voice, and that video of her in the bird cage with giant wings was just weird. So, typically, when shuffling the 5,000 songs on my iPod, “Party in the USA” and the few other songs I have of hers will get the skip button. Not today, my friend. The forecast for the District of Columbia this fine morning was a high of 74 and mostly sunny, so I was already in a better-than-average mood driving to work. With the windows down, wearing a new plum sun dress and a cold coffee beverage in the cup holder, I turned up the volume obnoxiously loud and started singing and dancing at the stop light. At that point, I didn’t care that she’s never actually heard a Jay-Z song and that she picked this tune at random to fill up spots on her album. Did not care one bit. Just went on dancing in a fit of unadulterated ‘Hello spring!’ joy. I invite you to do the same.

To go along with the overall jubilant mood this song seems to emit, both Jenny and I agree the “Official Video” doesn’t seem to do it justice.  Instead, we leave you with this one.


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