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Song of the day: “Written in the Stars” – Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner

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After watching countless country music videos last night, I woke up bound and determined to find a new country song to fall in love with.  My dreams were full of whiskey, beer, being left by someone I love, losing my dog, and cursing out my broken down pick-up, all with an American flag waving in the wind as the backdrop.  That might have been a bit of a lie but my level of determination was soaring.  I was going to find a new country song, and I was going to love it.

So, I headed to YouTube, clicked “Music,” scrolled all the way to the bottom, and checked out the featured country songs.  I knew most of them.  Roadblock.  I searched the suggested videos.  So many of them were slower and slightly depressing.  Today is Friday, not a day for sadness.  I did have a good time listening to Luke Bryan’s Take My Drunk Ass Home, but that was stereotypical country music on steroids.

As it so often does, my random clicking of suggested videos made me completely lose sight of my goals.  It did, however, introduce me to Tinie Tempah, a British rapper.  I’ll give you time to take that in….  This two-time BRIT award winning artist hails from Plumstead, South London.  Fun fact: his real name is Patrick Chuckwuemeka Okogwu.  My discovery just gets better and better.  Joining him in Written in the Stars is Eric Turner, a member of the Stockholm based Swedish/American rock band Street Fighting Man.  Turner co-wrote the song and is featured in the video.

Written in the Stars peaked at No. 1 on the UK and Ireland singles charts.  It also made its way to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at #91 and finishing up at #45.  Internationally acclaimed find for you and I both.


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