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Song of the day: “Yeah Yeah Yeah” – New Politics

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Time to shake the Monday blues.  I’ve finally accepted that no matter how many times I wish it, I will not end up back in my bed until later tonight and the work week has officially begun.  Moving on….  I meant to post this on Saturday but somehow, I failed to touch a computer.  That’s right.  No Facebook.  Please pull your jaws up.  I saw New Politics perform on a late night show a few weeks ago.  I liked their sound and immediately sent myself a text saying “New Politics.”  Yes, this is my modern day notebook.  I send myself countless texts when I’ve heard a song or group I like, with either the group name or a line of lyrics so that I can look it up when I get home or am by a computer.  Unfortunately, I usually forget.  During my country music search on Friday (which clearly went so, so well) I referred to my texts to see if I could find anything there.  No such luck in the country realm, but I did rekindle a flame with New Politics.

Listening to “Yeah Yeah Yeah” midday on a Monday afternoon actually isn’t a bad way to perk up.  The video below is a SXSW promo video from 2010, but I snagged this one because Vevo is lame won’t play on this site.  Pretty upbeat and kinda loud for a Monday but, hey?  Why not? I played a few snippets of other songs by New Politics and so far, so good.


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