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Song of the day: “Somewhere With You” – Kenny Chesney

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Good ol’ Kenny.  I’ve loved you for years now and you’ve never let me down.  Somewhere With You came up during my country-search-turned-rap-find day, but I only heard the first few seconds before having to pack up and head home.  I did take 2 seconds to scribble down the song title and artist, though, and I’m oh so thankful I did.

There’s something about country music that makes me genuinely believe the singer has experienced what he’s trying to convey.  This feeling is particulary strong with Chesney.  Maybe it’s his soft twang and the fact that he has experienced most of the things he’s singing about.  Whatever it is, it makes me swoon.  Keep ’em coming, Kenny.  I will be raiding my house for your latest CD as soon as I get home, because I know I have it somewhere…

PS: Warm weather – hurry up!  I want to listen to country on a regular basis without feeling like I’m being teased by summer.


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