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Song of the day: “Walk” – Foo Fighters

FaceTweet it!

Shoutout to Rolling Stone for tweeting the video of this performance.  Usually, I’m nervous about posting a live recording, but I had to double check a couple of times to make sure the recording truly was live.  It’s always refreshing to find a group that genuinely create live music, without the assistance of autotune or a dominating backtrack.

Walk is from the Foo Fighters’ latest album, “Wasting Light.”  Lead David Grohl currently holds the record for musician with the greatest number of appearances as musical guest on Saturday Night Live (via Rolling Stone, again).


One thought on “Song of the day: “Walk” – Foo Fighters

  1. “Walk” is one of the best songs about redeption I have ever heard. It has musical references to “Cheap Trick”. Slap on some head phones and take a journey. The cresendo will transport you to a joyous, unexpected love of life and rock as few songs can do. The entire album “Wasting Light” is one of the best rock albums I have heard in years. Baby Boomers will hear 60s 70s all over the place. Rolling Stone online has the entire album in their music reviews section. Click the “Wasting Light” album cover. Headphones are best. Sound quality is pretty good! Enjoy the ride.

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