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Song (video) of the day: “Judas” – Lady Gaga

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Okay, it had to happen.  The video for Judas premiered today so I had to post it.  What kind of little monster would I be if I overlooked it?!  Worry not; my claws are up.  Despite my Gaga fan-dom, the video for Judas stumps me a bit.

Opening up with a motorcycle gang reminiscent of Hell’s Angels, a cross-bearing Gaga shares a bike with the leader of the pack, who happens to be sporting a crown of thorns.  Religious reference count: 2.  The next scene features a neon sign reading “electric chapel.”  New tally: 3.

“I’m just a holy fool, oh, baby he’s so cruel, but I’m still in love with Judas, baby.”

I’m not claiming to be a lyric interpreter, but the overall religious theme is clear as soon as you hear the name of the song.  The video, however, showcases Gaga clinging to Judas while claiming, “Jesus is my virtue.”  Mother monster, stop messing with my mind!

The largest tie in that comes to mind for me is Gaga’s stance on homosexuality.  She shows her enthusiastic support for the LGBT community, while many religious organizations stand against it.  A quick Google search taught me that Lady Gaga was raised in the Roman Catholic church.  Perhaps this song is trying to say that while many people view the LGBT community to be the “Judas” of how the world is “supposed to be,” a betrayal to what is written in the Bible and expected of us, she still supports it, all while keeping Jesus as her virtue.  Meaning, it’s possible to be an extremely religious individual, an apostle even (as Judas was), and still be struck with betrayal.

OR she’ll surprise us all and pop out of an egg-like device again with some crazy explanation.  Something tells me the latter is probably correct.  Regardless of the deeper meaning, Judas is an artful and current take on the Biblical story of Judas.

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense
Judas kiss me if offenced,
Or wear an ear condom next time

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
And Judas is the demon I cling to

What are your thoughts on the song and video?


3 thoughts on “Song (video) of the day: “Judas” – Lady Gaga

  1. I read somewhere this song was based on a toxic relationship she had. However, as a Christian, I don’t appreciate it one bit. I ended up deleting all Lady Gaga from my iPod and vowing never to listen to her again. I understand she has many fans and to each their own, but I was never a big fan and now cannot stand her, unfortunately. I don’t appreciate when another artist uses sensitive topics such as religion, ethics, or politics to activate the “shock” factor. Lady Gaga is a world famous recording artist, she should be able to create great lyrics without involving religion.
    There are many concerns with this video that I have, the main one being the end of the video, when Lady Gaga is stoned b/c she tells “Jesus” that she is in love with “Judas” still. Jesus Christ would NEVER order/demand another human being to be killed… how does this even make sense? Jesus is the one who died on the cross for ALL human beings and their sins. If Lady Gaga believes Jesus to be like this, she obviously has to re-read the Bible front to back a couple times over.
    And there are WAY more biblical references than 2… I counted a MINIMUM of 16.

    This video just infuriated me. She could have used many other metaphors, for example Brutas (one of the most hated men of all time, the assassinator of Julius Caesar), which I think she probably could have done alot with, instead of destroying some of her fan base and upsetting Christians worldwide.

    I have the feeling she will lose many fans and listeners over this song and video.
    Anyway, just my opinion. I think she is walking a dangerous path.

  2. It kills me when people who claim to be all religious, hears a song that touches on that subject a lil bit and all of a sudden they are against the artist. Obviously you were a fan of her at some point you had all her songs and now because she touched on a subject a lil sensative you ready to judge her and denounce your fanship to her..bunch of bullshit! Gaga is a creative artist. that’s it that’s all. Her take on things is just that HER TAKE. She can make whatever kind of music she wants and talk about what she wants and for people to make judgements on her well that’s just not “Jesus like” at all! People are so contradicting it’s sickening. How in the hell is she walking a dangerous path by the music she is making??? People seem to forget this is entertainment and need to stop judging her as a person as if they know all about her and know her business. Yes it is confusing, strange but isn’t the most valuable, world wide known art is? SHe’s not loosing anything if anything she is gaining personal freedom to speak her mind which is what we have a right to do and will encourage others to do the same. Why conform to the world???? Fuck the world if you ask me. Some of you so called Christians need a reality check in the first place if you talking about how you loved gaga at some point why is everybody acting so surprised by her music NOW?? they should have been offended a long time ago if that is the case why now? Why is it because it’s so IN YOUR FACE now and now you have to deal with your own truths and truths of the world?? Get a life! check yourself, judge YOURSELF before you judge another human being.

  3. ‘Judas’ is a metaphor and an analogy about forgiveness and betrayal and things that haunt you in your life and how I believe that it’s the darkness in your life that ultimately shines and illuminates the greater light that you have upon you. Someone once said to me, ‘If you have no shadows then you’re not standing in the light.’ So the song is about washing the feet of both good and evil and understanding and forgiving the demons from your past in order to move into the greatness of your future. I just like really aggressive metaphors—harder, thicker, darker—and my fans do as well. So it is a very challenging and aggressive metaphor, but it is a metaphor.

    All you so called Christians need a reality check.

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