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Song of the day: “Trouble” – Ray LaMontagne

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While I’m not a die hard Ray LaMontagne fan, I’ve yet to hear a song of his that I don’t like.  Dancing to Trouble last night during my jazz class only proved that theory even more, and  might have upped my “fan-dom” a bit.  As I’ve mentioned before, a solid, emotional vocal weakens my knees.  LaMontagne’s genuinely raspy tone only adds to the greatness of the track and heightens an already amazing song.  It toys with the soul sound found in songs from the 1960s and 1970s, giving the song a more experienced sound.  The game of hot potato he seems to play with the rhythm at times adds another impressive element, as well (ex. 0:28).

It also doesn’t hurt that the dance we learned in class was amazing…which led me to this love affair with Trouble.


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