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Song of the day: “Hollywood Tonight” – Michael Jackson

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The only good thing to come out of Haley Reinhart’s painful rendition of the late Michael Jackson’s Earth Song on American Idol was that it inspired me to listen to Michael Jackson at work.  This isn’t entirely outrageous behavior for me as my sister and I are borderline obsessed with the King of Pop, but it had been a few weeks and I needed my MJ fix.  Somehow, I discovered a song of his that I have never heard before.  (Trust me, I never thought this day would come.)  Released this year, I give you Going Hollywood.  With the strong percussion line found in Billie Jean and a flirty mix of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees,  this song was a true testament to mind over body as I reminded myself that people might judge if I have an all out dance party in my cubical.  This is the work place, after all.

Warning: don’t listen to this if you are in a place where dancing in your chair might be frowned upon.

And just because…

Happy 61st birthday to one of the R&B greats, Stevie Wonder!

So much talent, and two of my all-time favorites, in this little blog post!


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