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Song of the day: “Simple Math” – Manchester Orchestra

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It’s a great day. 90 degrees in Chicago and finally warm enough to push my sweaters aside and tap into my “summer clothes.”  With summer clothes comes the summer mind set and overall excitement about what the season brings.  Pool days, bike rides, summer in the city, beaches, drinks, anything and everything outside, country music and concerts.  That last factor is actually what led me to Manchester Orchestra (kinda…).

Allow me to explain.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra and liked the honest intensity it was crammed with.  In true Annie fashion, I copied the link, e-mailed it to myself with a superlative-filled subject line, and allowed it to get buried in piles upon piles of other ‘amazing-things-I’ve-found-when-I-should-be-working.’  Is this a direct hit to today’s song of the day?  Not at all.  Other things that have been buried are review requests, coupons, emails from family members and multiple reminders to declare graduation…and that, dear friends, is a story for another day.  (Yes, I graduated.  Yes, I have my diploma.  Yes, they like to send out multiple reminders to try to freak you out when in reality, you’ll be fine and had pleeenty of time all along.  No, I won’t forget to stop by the store on the way home.)

I digress.

As previously mentioned, I came across Simple Math a couple of weeks ago and added it to the dark abyss that is my email inbox.  Today, I got an email with the schedule for Lollapalooza.  While perusing, I noticed a name that sounded familiar.  Manchester Orchestra.  Why did I know that?  Was one of their albums buried on my iPod somewhere? (Better question: where did I put my iPod?)

*memory click*

My hopes of featuring a Manchester Orchestra song as song of the day have officially come true.  Hull’s haunting falsetto paired with the use of strings throughout the course of Simple Math is pretty impressive, and far more worthy of a song of the day post than permanent residency in my starred emails.


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