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Song of the day: “Yellow” covered by Vitamin String Quartet

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It’s official.  So You Think You Can Dance season has officially started again, and my search for new music will take off running.  I’m a huge proponent of multitasking, and I love what this show does for me – I am able to engage with dance from my couch all while being exposed to a ton of new music. During last night’s show, one of my favorite past contestants (Travis Wall) choreographed for the contemporary round, and wouldn’t you know it…his piece nearly made me cry.  (If you did know it, you wouldn’t be surprised, seeing as I had tears streaming down my face when he auditioned.  File under: embarrassing.)

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, songs with strings or piano tend to attract me.  However, songs by Coldplay do not.  So, what’s happened here?  Travis used the Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of Coldplay’s Yellow for his piece, and I was sold within seconds.  I’m not well versed in string-lingo, but I will say this: the way the jumps and leaps are taken in this song gives me goose bumps and the bass line holds its own against an already beautiful melody, first playing coy and then mimicking the main line’s smoothness.

Even listening to it now, I want to make a mad dash for the door, find Travis Wall, and beg for him to teach me his piece.  I have a feeling it wasn’t hard for him to decide to choreograph to this song with as much movement as the song has without, well, the physical movement of choreography.  The song has a playful element throughout and becomes beautiful through the sophistication of the strings.  I’ll just come out and say it.  I’m obsessed.

Well played, Vitamin String Quartet.  Well played.


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