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Song of the day: “Nobody’s Perfect” – Jessie J

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With my current obsession with all things out of the United Kingdom (thanks, royal wedding), I’m not sure how Jessie J found a way to slip by until today.  The 23-year-old R&B/pop singer has written songs for both Chris Brown and snaggletooth Miley Cyrus, including gaining the title of “co-writer” of Party in the USA.  Guess she has some serious musical street cred, huh?  I discovered her by stumbling across her song Price Tag, which features B.o.B.  Since I’ve heard that song on the radio multiple times (without the slightest clue of who possessed the soulful female voice on the track), I couldn’t make it my song of the day in fear of soiling my integrity.  Dramatic, I know, but I made a promise to post songs I haven’t heard before and I’m committed to doing just that.

Thank you, YouTube suggested videos, for giving me something new and English to keep track of.  No really, I’m thankful.  Without it, I wouldn’t have come across Jessie J’s soulful talent and her seeminglyAlicein Wonderland-esque video.


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