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Song of the day: “I Want You (Hold on to Love)” – Cee Lo Green

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The classic and oldschool R&B vibe Cee Lo Green’s voice is drenched in throughout I Want You (Hold on to Love) can be described in one word: sexy.  From the simple runs, scoops and genuine lyrics, Cee Lo finds a way to channel R&B greats and reproduce it in a current way.  This was also evidenced in the straightforward manner found in last summer’s ridiculous success, F*ck You.  The lyrics throughout the song are honest and talk about how he wants a girl he finds to be fun, fearless, smart and sexy.  Not once does he mention hooking up with her, or drinking too much and forgetting her the next day.  No sexual innuendos, and not too many scantily clad girls (aside from the girls in the lifestyle he’s leaving behind, and Vegas show girls).  As he mentions in the song, he wants the beautiful girl he comes across while in Vegas, who he makes a point to say doesn’t need a man’s help, to genuinely and sincerely want him, too.  Be still my heart, Cee Lo is a romantic!

I’m not trying to say that you need some help

Or you can have anything you want with your bad self

I like her ’cause she’s smart

But she’s still sexy

She is somethin’ else

That’s why I want you to run away with me and experience something new

Anything you’ve already done just won’t do

I want you

And I want you to genuinely and sincerely want me too

You can believe in my baby, don’t be cruel

‘Cause I want you

Call me crazy, but I think Cee Lo has the one up on Enrique.  Let’s play the rather-rather game.  Would you rather have someone tell you “I want you” or “tonight I’m f*cking you.”

Total toss up.  I know.

I’ve come to accept and almost embrace Cee Lo’s absurd style and ridiculous costume changes.  It makes him that much more endearing and adds a fun personality quirk to a ridiculously talented vocalist.  The overall theme of leaving his promiscuous ways behind is refreshingly mature and is a current song I can easily see striking a chord with males and females, alike.

And just because I’m obsessed with the oldschool vibe that literally clings to Cee Lo’s every word, I’ll leave you with a second song.  I present Bright Lights Bigger City ft. Wiz Khalifa.


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