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Song of the day: “Time Bomb” – All Time Low

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Look out, kids, history is about to be made.  I rarely feature a pop-punk song on Haute Thought because, well, I thought I graduated from that style of music the second I was handed my  high school diploma and stopped my love affair with Laguna Beach (may it rest in peace).  Then, today happened.  In searching for a song of the day, I was initially attracted to my standard meaningful song full of acoustic awesomeness and perfect pitch.  Guess what?  Not feelin’ it.  Evidently July 12th is more of a Time Bomb kind of day.  All Time Low, a pop punk group out of Baltimore, has been creating music together since 2003 and got their name from a New Found Glory song (perfect).

Fresh off of their fourth album, Time Bomb is the group’s latest single and favorited tracks of “Dirty Work.”

It’s like a time bomb set into motion, we knew we were destined to explode.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if Time Bomb actually did explode, and make a serious impact on the radio waves.  We’ll find out.


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