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Song of the day: “It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars

I’ve had the title of this song written on a post-it stuck to my desk for about a month now.  Without fail, it seemed to get covered up by pieces of paper, magazines, more post-its and whatever else weasels its way onto the gray green surface of my desk.  Today, it was uncovered again and I’ve decided to actually do something about it by naming it song of the day.

Let’s get past the obvious point, shall we? Bruno Mars sings with a sense of ease that many artists would kill for.  His tone is pure, and it makes girls melt across the country.  That could easily be why “It Will Rain” was chosen to be a part of the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack…well, that or the song would go perfectly with a reflective moment by a brooding Jacob.  While the answer is probably the latter, it doesn’t impact the quality of the song.

Hearing a new song on the radio that isn’t tainted with predictability and doesn’t threaten to give me a fit of seizures is beyond refreshing.  I mean, I think I even hear an instrument or two.

(Final thought: is it only me, or does Bruno’s voice sound a bit like Taylor Hanson’s at times?  I don’t hate it.)


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