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Song of the day: “We Found Each Other in the Dark” – City and Colour

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As much as we might like to base our view of love off of the countless chick flicks that we’ve all seen, finding love isn’t always as simple (or perfect) as Hollywood leads us to believe.  Finding someone may not happen during the height of your happiness, while wearing your best outfit, surrounded by your fabulous entourage.  We’re human.  We experience things, both good and bad.  These experiences impact our lives and our relationships, whether we like it or not.

What about the individuals who find each other during a low point?  They may help each other crawl out of the dark, and develop a deep set connection based off of similar experiences.  Dallas Green, the lead singer and songwriter of City and Colour (get it?), uses his hypnotic voice to describe just that in We Found Each Other in the Dark.  The seductive drawl of the song becomes apparent by the time the first downbeat hits.

“I heard the church bells from afar. And we found each other in the dark. And when the smoke does finally pass, we will rise above all the ash. Cause we’re gonna live at last”

Initially promising to live at last, Green makes it clear that these individuals are not in a state of perfection.  Shame on them for being human.  However, by the end of the song, and after commenting on their fight to survive and convalesce, he states: “we’re gonna live like the rest.”  Since I love a good story about the success of underdog (and who doesn’t enjoy a good love story), this song become an immediate favorite.

The simple concept of finding each other in the dark is much more likely to be a shared human experience than, say, love at first sight.

Recognize the name City and Colour? Could be because I drooled over them at Lollapalooza and wasn’t afraid to blog about it…


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