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Song of the day: “Rumour Has It/Someone Like You” – Glee Cast Version

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Today’s song of the day was a pretty quick find.  Since my life on Tuesdays at 7pm is dedicated to Glee, finding this song took absolutely no effort at all.  I’d go so far as to say it fell into my lap.  I didn’t have to dig, prod, click around or even touch my headphones.

I don’t even think it really requires much of an intro, but I’ll give you this.  This week’s Glee  focused on mashups and friendly competitions between McKinley High’s two glee clubs, New Directions and the Trouble Tones.  Each group was challenged to come up with a mashup and perform it to the opposing group.  The Trouble Tones took on an Adele mashup of Someone Like You (Santana) and Rumour Has It (Mercedes).

Both songs are amazing already, but together? Well, you’ll see.


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