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Song of the day: “Tonight’s the Night” – Outasight

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After a week of working and the onset of winter weather, picking a Friday appropriate song for today’s song of the day was beyond necessary.  However, seeing as I hate all things techno (peace, love and instruments forever), finding a relevant song of the day that most people would deem “Friday worthy” was a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.  A few days ago, I heard an ad on Spotify for Tonight’s the Night by Outasight.  I scribbled it down on my trusty notepad and moved on with my Monday song of the day.  It just didn’t seem like a title that would interest me in the beginning of the week.  Being that it’s the weekend and all, curiosity to listen to a song titled Tonight’s the Night peaked.

As the aforementioned techno-hater that I am, the beginning of the song made me question the choice…but as a victim for all things catchy, the “wooh wooh ooh ooh ooh ” had me sold.  Plus, the 80s feel the synthesizer pulls out here and there added brownie points (as did the singer’s sunglasses, obviously).  After a quick read on the info, I learned that this song made its way into the Pepsi Music Icons commercial.  Can’t say that I’ve seen it, but being featured in a Pepsi campaign certainly won’t hurt Outasight’s career.  Neither will the harmony during the words “we set it off” and the few moments of syncopation, as extreme predictability is a huge musical turn off.  Did I mention that I strongly dislike techno?

And…is it just me or does the chorus of Tonight’s the Night feel a bit similar to Tonight Tonight  by Rascal Flatts?  Maybe it’s the subject matter or my subconscious longing for summer, but Tonight Tonight started playing in my head as soon as the first run through of today’s song ceased.

PS: Feel free to leave a few more Friday appropriate songs in the comments.


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