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Song of the day: “All the Pretty Girls” – fun.

Let’s see what fun. has lined up for me, shall we? (Before anyone asks…yes, they spell it “fun.” Lowercase with a period.)

Harmonies? Check.
Strong guitar? Check.
An ability to hit the high notes? Check again.

And then, “All the Pretty Girls” was named song of the day. I was sold from the acapella intro. It gave a new song a classic feel and grabbed my attention immediately. Plus, while a song about relationship struggles isn’t a rarity in the musical world, one with an upbeat sound but emotionally charged lyrics is.  Frontman Ruess is upset that “all the pretty girls on a Saturday night” don’t measure up to the one he desires. The song, however, delivers an upbeat, carefree state of mind…which is exactly how individuals in this situation would like to come off.

The band lives up to its name. “All the Pretty Girls” is, in fact, fun. Don’t you think? You can find me at my desk, clapping along and melting at the harmonies.

Fun fact: lead singer Nate Ruess is an old member of The Format.  Throwback.

Fun fact #2: The Format was featured as song of the day in February.  If I don’t pay more attention, this will become the Nate Ruess show.


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