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Song of the day: “Snow Globe” – Matt Wertz

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It’s that time of year. The time when everyone angrily shoves each other out of the way to snag the last Tickle-Me-Elmo. The time when you have a plethora of holiday parties to attend and completely abandon your workout regime. The time…okay, I’m done being Scrooge now.

While the stress of the holidays gets to us all at times, it’s sure to be a great time of year so long as we don’t lose sight of what’s important. Plus, listening to Christmas music on repeat is finally acceptable and baking (or sampling) holiday cookies in bulk is actually encouraged. With this being the week before Christmas and all, I figured it would be the perfect time to feature a holiday song that all of us may not be familiar with. (You may resume breathing now. Yes, I realize that I said this is the week before Christmas, but you still have plenty of time to finish your holiday shopping. Take it from a master procrastinator. I have one gift purchased and I’m feeling accomplished.)

Being the master procrastinator and social media junkie that I am, it should come as no surprise when I say that a lot of my time is spent on Facebook. When I’m not being constantly updated on engagements, weddings, pregnancies and general anger towards Tim Tebow, a post from a musician finds its way onto my newsfeed. Today, one of my favorites – Matt Wertz – slipped through. I was aware he had a Christmas album come out awhile ago, but I try to stand my ground and avoid Christmas tunes until I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Matt’s post on Facebook, I stumbled across “Snow Globe,” the title track off of his holiday album. The ease and carefree nature of the song couldn’t be a bigger stress reducer. In fact, Wertz even suggests a beauty in the hustle bustle of the chaos that can be the holiday season as he relates it to a snow globe. “And every single time that you shake it, you’ll make it, so beautiful.”

Generally, I try to feature an artist I’m not as familiar with for song of the day, but in the season of the holidays, I couldn’t help but showcase Matt Wertz. A fellow University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graduate, great musician and all around great guy, I felt his positive spirit couldn’t be more perfect here. I was lucky enough to work the merch table during one of his concerts a few years ago, and I also helped to get him to play for a charity event for the Kristy Bergner Foundation, a foundation that helps support kidney cancer research and stands as one of my sorority’s philanthropies. Not too many budding musicians would agree to it, but he put on an amazing show for a great cause.

Enjoy the beauty in the holidays. Here’s to not throwing too many elbows in aisle 12.


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