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Song of the day: “The First Single” – The Format

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With the success of indie bands at The Grammys a couple of weeks ago, it only seems right that a song from an indie group is featured as song of the day.  The Format hails from Arizona and are a mix of alternative, indie and punk.  In true “hipster” fashion, they chose their name to  make fun of the supposed “format” the music industry always follows in terms of finding a hit. 

“The First Single” does not have some deep, hidding meaning.  It was, in fact, the group’s first single.  According to a quick Google search, the music industry hated that the group wanted to be so blunt about the song’s name.  Indie: 1 Mainstream: 0.  This was the perfect song to find while sitting at work.  My tired mind cannot handle something so loud that my earbuds would explode, yet a slow ballad would’ve bored me to tears.  “The First Single” is perfect in its simplicity.  Thanks for the find, Mike!  And thanks to everyone helping in my musical search–keep the suggestions coming!  Win-win, remember?


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