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Song of the day: “Fairfax (You’re Still the Same)” – William Tell

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Today is Friday, which, in case you didn’t know, is code word for amazing.  The weekend is hours away and a lot of us are dancing in our seats, excited to take a brief break from work or school.  Naturally, I had hopes of finding a song that mirrored my optimistic and overly excited attitude.  Fairfax (You’re Still the Same) by William Tell has done just that.  Even from the first second of the video, when the screen is filled with a pair of bright orange, dancing…shorts, my mood was instantly lifted.  Granted, the overall inspiration for the song may not be the most uplifting, but the point is great.  “Well it’s all over now and you’re still the same” doesn’t necessarily elicit the warmest of feelings.  As human beings, we want the “bad guy” from a relationship to change!  They could be soulmates!  Where’s the fairytale, love drenched, happy ending?!  William Tell delivers a different message in this song.  Right after the last line, he sings, “I’m still, I’m still ok.”  So, it all works out.  Listeners are still greeted with the happy ending, sans the fairytale, and sometimes, that’s even better. 

In other happy, Friday-esque news, I want those orange shorts, and the yellow belt…and those black heels.  Summer, hurry up!


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