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Coming soon: Style Inspiration of the Month

Three years ago, on March 24, 2009, HauteThought was born. I touted it as a music and fashion (and American Idol) blog from the beginning and was determined to stick to these topics. It was an accurate representation of the pop culture I paid the most attention to and I figured I’d be able to post all the time. And, for awhile, I did. Probably because I had homework to avoid. By probably I mean definitely, hands down, no question because I had homework to avoid.

Not long after its birth, HauteThought transformed into a music blog with a visit from random fashion post every few months. Those simmered out and I embraced the musical aspect of the site. Things have gone well and I love posting about music (obviously). However, there are times when I see something fashion or style related that inspires me to write. I usually drop it after reminding myself that HauteThought took the music route. Now that the blog is approaching its third birthday, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I’m embracing the past and bringing back the fashion and style aspect of the site. In fact, the first actual post on the site was a fashion feature!

Each month, I’ll be featuring a style inspiration. From a designer, color or style icon, we all pay attention to specific pieces for a reason. While I haven’t figured absolutely everything out about this, be on the lookout for a featured style inspiration and pieces branching off from that. Want to know who this month’s featured inspiration is? Stay tuned and check back tomorrow!


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