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Kate Spade-esque items at…

A couple weeks ago, I introduced a new feature for HauteThought: Style Inspiration of the Month. To jump start the feature and welcome spring, I started with Kate Spade, a designer who isn’t afraid to use color to create classically timeless pieces. I also made it clear that I am not the type of person who focuses on brand names. I focus more on what I like and price tags. Therefore, the upcoming obsession confession should come as no surprise to you.

I…have a large, unhealthy, ever growing obsession with Target. I could go there for hours upon hours and be perfectly content. In fact, I would argue that a day spent at Target would be a great one. The only qualm I have with this fluorescently lit personal heaven is that I always, always end up buying more things than I need. Curse you, Target gods. You win every time. Today, though, you served me well. I discovered things that reminded me so much of Kate Spade that I couldn’t imagine not telling you about them.

Item one: scarves. If there’s one thing Kate Spade is consistent about, it’s her use of stripes. During the summer months, she isn’t afraid to experiment with bold colors and during the cooler months, her signature pattern takes a more subdued palette. Currently, Kate Spade features the Sailor Yellow Stripe Scarf for $148.00. Is it cute? Yes. Does my wallet agree? No. Target features a similar scarf in bright pink and white for $14.99. Need I say more?

Sailor Stripe Yellow Scarf - $148.00

Mossimo Supply Co. Woven Pink Scarf - $14.99

Item two: the use of blue and green. Nearly every Kate Spade item I’m attracted to is either green, blue or a combination of the two. She constantly makes use of these natural colors for statement pieces. Her shoes are no exception. New this season, the Tasha flat by Kate Spade can be purchased for $225. I’m a fan of flats as much as the next gal, but the shoes I gravitate towards are those I know I won’t feel comfortable wearing within an hour. Naturally, I took a stroll down the heel and wedge aisle at Target and was greeted by a pair of green and blue patent leather espadrille wedges. The Xhilaration wedge can be purchased for $29.99.

Tasha - $225.00

Xhilaration - $29.99

Item three: Colored jeans.  Yes, I’m well aware that most designers are currently mass producing colored skinny jeans. From teal to orange, chances are you’ll be able to find a skinny jean in any color regardless of the store you walk into.  Why, though, would you pay $198 for the Broome Street Colored Jeans – available only in hot pink, might I add – when Target offers plenty of colors for $22.99  $19.99?  (Currently on sale) I’m not saying the Broome Street jeans aren’t cute.  I may or may not have drooled  a little bit when I stumbled across them on the website.  As a proud owner of the berry colored skinny jeans (not pictured) I can tell you they’re well worth the $22.99 $19.99.  However, they do run a bit small, so expect to go up a size or two.  As my grandma’s friend says…if everyone was rich, we could all afford to be a size 2.

Broome Street Colored Jeans - $198.00

Mossimo - $19.99

Personally, I’d much rather shop for Kate Spade looking items at Target than completely splurge on the brand itself.  Plus, if I don’t have money to do things while wearing the designer clothes, what’s the point? I wouldn’t be spending $198.00 on a pair of colored jeans to impress my dog.  Though I’m sure he’d love them.


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