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Song of the day: “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

WAIT! Before you go and I lose all of my music cred, I want to clear a few things up. Yes, you should still give me the time of day and no, I haven’t lost my mind. Let’s start with some sure to be frequently asked questions.

Do you find this song choice and post to be embarrassing? Yes.

Did you do everything in your power to find a different song? Absolutely everything.

Are you ashamed? Only slightly.

Will Carly Rae Jepsen win a Grammy next year? Well…I certainly don’t think so, but crazier things have happened.

Are you actually 15? While I did get into a high school football game as a student just a year ago, I am, in fact, 23.  I can legally drink while dancing like a fool to this song, I don’t have to beg my mom to drop me off at the mall and, believe it or not, sometimes I eat my dessert before dinner.

Moving on.

Now that we have that cleared up, we can all put our guards down and celebrate today’s song of the day.  Something you should know about me: I’m a late blooming teeny bopper.  While other girls my age had their walls covered with pictures of N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys, I was happily listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys and anything else Dick Biondi played on Oldies 104.3.   I received a copy of Millenium, a Backstreet Boys album, for my birthday one year from my aunt and uncle and asked my mom, “what am I supposed to do with this?”  Just in case that particular relative is reading this – don’t worry, I fell in love with it a few years later.

I also feel the need to let you all know that I’m not the only one my age who feels this way about “Call Me Maybe.”  A friend of mine from work (I may be 23 but saying “co-worker” makes me feel about 50-years-old) sent it to me and it’s been in my head ever since.  Facebook statuses saying “call me maybe” and “hey, I just met you…” started to make sense.  Yes, this teeny bopper song has actually brought up my pop culture cred.  In case you don’t believe me, please see the real life comments I have received on this song.  I’m leaving names out since they don’t know I’m posting this, but be assured this is a solid mix of both male and female listeners.  I didn’t ask for these comments; they were willingly shared.

Friend #1I wonder if Usher and other superstars would consider doing a “Heal the World” style huge collaboration to sing “Call Me Maybe.”  It’d be epic.  Are there other songs like “Call Me Maybe”?  I need them.

Friend #2This video is kind of ridiculous, but the song is catchy!

From an email the following day: Whyyyyy did I listen to this again this morning??

Friend #3I’ll have you know the whole time I ran today I listened to “Call Me Maybe” on YouTube on my phone. 

Next day: All this morning on the train in…it was still the only song I listened to.  It’s just too good.

Friend #4: I’m really disappointed in you.  I need to overplay this song so I hate it. STOP IT. I’m honestly considering blocking you for sending this to me. I can’t get the keyboard violin sounds out of my head. That’s the part. 

Next day: You owe me $1.29!!

Friend #5I just went back and made a co-worker watch it. She’s adding it to her Spotify.

Watch out, chances are you’ll become friends #s 6-100.  It’s ok.  I won’t judge.


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