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Song of the day: “Save Water, Drink Beer” – Chris Young

Chicago is currently experiencing a bit of a phenomenon. I’ll call it summer in March. In this lovely midwestern city, we rarely experience spring weather in March, let alone 70+ degree temperatures. It’s weird. Don’t misconstrue that as a complaint. If I could dropkick winter in the face and send it packing, I’d do so in an instant. It looks like I didn’t have to this year.

The early onset of summer weather also means that country music is not only fair game, it is officially necessary. Earlier on today, I had 2 songs competing for the coveted “song of the day” title until I remembered a couple things: 1.) It’s Friday 2.) It is also warm out. Thank you for playing, contestants 1 and 2, we will see you on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Now that it’s a warm Friday, country wins.

Finding “Save Water, Drink Beer” was one of my more difficult endeavors. It required a lot of clicking, Googling and playing of country love songs. On any other day, one of those love songs would have been featured. Not today; not on a day where “Save Water, Drink Beer” is so applicable. I go weak at the knees for hilarious songs like this. Chris Young, you have officially made my day.  Happy Friday to you.

Here’s hoping a few people heed your advice after the work week and enjoy the weekend. I’ll see what I can do.


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