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Song of the day: “Settle Down” (Live at Sing Sing Studios) – Kimbra

There’s something to be said about an artist who has complete vocal control. That something is a big, bold lettered note saying “Congratulations, you truly have musical talent!” When a pianists slips on a note, it’s generally quite obvious. To those of us who aren’t tone deaf, it’s pretty obvious when a vocalist misses a note, too. Even more obvious? When a note isn’t missed at all. It’s hard to commend an artist on this achievement from simply listening to an edited recording. A live recording, though, is another story.

The soulful, emotive voice heard in “Settle Down” comes to us from the newly 21-year-old New Zealand native, Kimbra. Yes, 21. Take that in. This feels like last season of American Idol, the season I will forever remember as “the one where all of the contestants were younger than me.” No, I’m not upset or feeling some sort of disdain. I’ll admit – I did do still will always look at my parents with a feeling of disappointment since they didn’t make me a Disney star, but everyone feels that way, right? All I’m saying is the Disney channel would’ve upped it’s diversity points had it featured a redhead. That’s all.

But I digress.

When I find an artist like Kimbra, one who displays such a raw, natural talent, one word always comes to mind. Refreshing. It’s nice not to have to wonder if something was auto-tuned to perfection. I like admiring someone who has an amazing set of vocal chords, rather than an amazing production team. True to my life’s form, I did a little research on Kimbra and discovered she is currently the opening act for Gotye. (Naturally, since she’s featured in Gotye’s hit, “Somebody that I Used to Know.”) This excites me and makes me proud of her to no end; however, I’m also well aware that Gotye performed in Chicago on April 3. I’m also extremely aware that today is April 4. Can we get a “my life?”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to settle down and name Kimbra as my artist, not just song, of the day.


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