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Song of the day: “Run With Me” – David William Hearn

There are very few TV shows I get into. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy a rainy day on the couch flipping through the channels but, in terms of fully committing my precious time to a cast of characters, I’m a little stingy. Because of this stingy-ness, when I do find a show I deem worthy, not only do I fully commit – I go balls to the wall and become enthralled. Ten seasons of Friends? I talk about Ross and Rachel like they’re actual friends of mine. I say things along the lines of “remember when Ross said he and Rachel were on a break? What a guy, that Ross.”

One of my closest set of TV “friends” comes from Friday Night Lights. No, not the movie. There was, in fact, a five season show on NBC, and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m not kidding. No sarcasm here. I started watching the show the day it premiered (October 2006), wrote a paper on it my freshman year of college (and got an A), used it to bribe a crush of mine to hang out with me (it worked) and nearly cried during the last episode (…).

When else did I nearly cry? Today, when I stumbled across the “FNL Farewell Promo” on YouTube. I couldn’t watch it. I just listened to it at my desk and froze. 5 solid years with my FNL friends and now…nothing. Relationships aren’t meant to just end like that. I have no closure. I don’t feel like I’ve grown. I feel like I want to find out who decided to cancel the show, and egg his house. Twice.

The promo reel ended with a short clip of a song with a catchy guitar intro and a vocalist who sounds like Kings of Leon front man, Caleb Followill. Sold. I can confidently say I’ve listened to it at least 20 times today. Not only does it sum up five seasons of the show in a well thought out three minutes and seven seconds, it’s actually a great song and was hard to find. Perfect – this was the initial motivation behind posting a song of the day, to introduce you to songs you may not come across otherwise. However, this isn’t a full introduction. I’m not sure who sings “Run With Me,” (and trust me – I’ve looked) but I can tell you it was composed by David William Hearn and I can tell you I love it.

I realize the accompanying still shot isn’t the most technologically advanced video. There were a few montages but I didn’t want to ruin anything for potential Friday Night Lights watchers. And, if you couldn’t tell, I wholeheartedly recommend you become one.


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