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Song of the Day: “Mercury” – Moon Taxi

Hey! Me again.  I’ve stumbled across another song that deserves your attention. Yes, you. Right there. The one procrastinating at your desk right now.  Procrastinate for a few more minutes and allow me to introduce you to “Mercury” by Moon Taxi, an indie-progressive rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.

I stumbled across these guys when I tuned into a Google Hangout with Sam Palladio, a main character in ABC’s Nashville.  He was asked about some of his own favorite musicians and the musical discoveries he’s made while in Music City. Palladio very clearly had a musical crush on Moon Taxi. He gushed about not only how talented they are, but how genuine they are as people and artists. In an industry full of autotune and computer edits, naturally I gushed right along with him.

I will leave you to gush along with Palladio and I now to the song “Mercury.”  I know you have work to do. (Aside from falling in love with Moon Taxi, that is.)

PS: Is it just me or do these guys sound like a new, refreshing Kings of Leon?


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