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Things I’ve Learned from Living in Chicago: Part 1

7.3.14 - Chicago

A little over two years ago, I moved from my comfortable parents’ house in suburbia to the city of Chicago.  Having grown up just 23 miles outside of the city, the transition was simple. That said, moving downtown hasn’t taught me anything crazy about myself, by any means.  If anything, I’ve learned a lot about other people and their inability to walk through a crowd.  I’ve also learned the following:

  1.  You aren’t just choosing a neighborhood or place to live. You’re choosing a stereotype. This says nothing about you, and a lot about the person who let the stereotype write itself all over his or her face when you utter a neighborhood name.
  2. You WILL get hit by a car at the corner of Wellington and Racine. It’s been 794 days since I moved to the city and I haven’t gotten hit, yet, but I’m assuming it’s coming soon to an emergency room near you. I once saw a car speed up to cut off an ambulance with lights on, blowing a stop sign in the process. The danger is imminent.
  3.  No one goes to Navy Pier. Yet, why do we tell relatives and friends to go there when visiting the city? Better question: why do we insist on taking them there ourselves during their visit? After a quick Google search, I discovered that it’s ranked #83 on Trip Advisor, so rest assured, the attraction is not all that jaw dropping.
  4. On the flip side…people actually do shop on Michigan Avenue. All the time, forever and ever, no matter the weather, especially on crappy days.
  5. Getting a seat on the CTA during rush hour is harder than winning the lottery – and I’ll bet it feels better, too. It can truly change a passenger’s mood in the morning or going home.
  6.  To go along with #5, people WILL shove you out of the way to get said seat. I’ve ended up in a stranger’s lap due to being shoved out of the way by a grown man who was a little too determined to get a seat. It’s a jungle out there, kids. Plant your feet firmly while standing and if you’re hoping for a seat…run.
  7.  Everyone, no matter how fancy he is, goes weak at the knees for Portillo’s. No, seriously. I dare you to ask the fanciest person you know.
  8.  BRUNCH. Learn it; live it; love it.
  9.  People legitimately argue over who sucks more: the White Sox or the Cubs. They both suck, can’t we just all get along? (ps: #gocubs)
  10.  The people of Chicago (or likely anywhere with crowds) are terrible walkers, especially when trying to play with their phones…which is all the time, and typically in the middle of a crosswalk.

Stay tuned…I’m sure there is more to be discovered tomorrow!


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