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I came, I pulsed, I conquered

As previously declared (yes, declared), I decided to start my New Year’s resolution a bit early this year. I wish I could tell you it’s because I’m on top of things or that I was rearing and ready to go with a year full of pre-sketched out and carefully thought through plans, but the truth is, I started early to help make sure I kept said resolution. Enough of this cryptic speak. Let’s get down to it.

Last month I decided I would try something new every month. It doesn’t have to be something groundbreaking or worthy of a novel, but I’m no stranger to the fact that I find routine very comfortable. Like cozy in bed during a thunderstorm level comfortable. I’m certainly not in a place where I’m ready to break all routines and throw myself into a complete 180, but I realized that I should be able to handle the task of trying something new each month. For December, I decided a barre class was worthy of my attentions.



This may not seem like a huge deal but, as I said, my new things don’t need to be groundbreaking. They just have to get me out of my typical routine, and FlyBarre was able to do just that. As background, FlyBarre is the newest addition to the family of FlyWheel workout classes. It follows suit of a typical barre class, but is kicked up a notch.

I went into the class not really sure what to expect. I danced for over half of my life, so one would think I shouldn’t be too nervous. However, a friend of mine has also taken a few FlyWheel spin classes before and said she’s heard the FlyBarre strain is “intense.” Intense. What a scary word for an activity you’re about to partake in for 45 minutes. What I found was FlyBarre is a great way to break up my typical workout routine and, judging by how much my legs were shaking, it was something I clearly needed, and probably need more of.

The class is comprised of a lot of muscle isolations and isometric movements, complete with pulsing, weights, an exercise bar and bands, combining together for a strength workout. It also proved to be a mental exercise just as much as a physical one. The instructor was helpful and made sure everyone’s technique was on point. She also created a comfortable atmosphere by telling us it was ok if we needed to switch to a lighter weight, or if we needed to take a couple seconds to breathe, both of which most of us did at one point or another. [Here’s a brief overview to help you get the picture. Now, picture doing that for 45 minutes.]

Alright, I’ll admit it. I was a wuss for being nervous. The workout definitely packed a punch but also felt great. I was proud of myself for completing the class, and grew even prouder as I hobbled (stairs have never looked more daunting) around later that night. No, I just need to figure out ways to incorporate it into my routine. You know me and my routines…

A yum treat at the end!

A yum treat at the end!



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