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March’s New Thing: Savannah and the Savannah Bee Company

Initially, I wanted my visit to Savannah to count as my new thing for the month. It’s a city I’ve never visited but had always been curious about and it was more exciting than some of my other ideas. However, my travel buddy claimed that type of a post would be a “cop out.” Charming, isn’t he?

Cuteness galore!

Cuteness galore!

Since I do have a few things to share about Savannah, I’ll save that for a separate post and focus on the Savannah Bee Company for my official new thing for the month of March. The Savannah Bee Company is an adorable store that sells all things honey related. When I say all things, I mean all things. From actual honey, to honey based skincare, to teas and coffees, they boast serious variety. During my time in the store, I was able to try not one but two new honey delights, and I had no clue honey was even involved in one of them.


Part of the charm of Savannah Bee Company can be found the second you walk into the store and come across the honey tasting area. They offer traditional flavors for you to sample, as well as things like lavender, wildflower, rosemary, and even passion fruit whipped honey. One of the samples takes the honey craze a step, maybe even a leap, further. You’re able to sample raw acacia honeycomb. Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds. The honeycomb itself is a bit waxy, so it feels as if you’re nomming on a soft honey candy. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and would be great with fruit or cheese…or plain (hey, I’m not here to judge and I expect the same from you).

I will take the whole honeycomb, please.

I will take the whole honeycomb, please.

Once we had a sufficient sugar high from the honey and honeycomb, we made our way over to what appeared to be a bar. I repeat, a bar in a honey store. Had we died and gone to honey heaven? This was no ordinary bar, though. For just $5, honey enthusiasts could sample five different types of mead, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and water. So yes, those masculine vikings and warriors you read about in history class were sipping on honey water. And we were about to, too.

Mead heaven

Mead heaven

Naturally, we had to partake. Neither of us had ever given much thought to what mead actually was, but it was still surprising to learn about a honey based alcohol. To me, mead tasted like a combination of champagne and beer in the best possible way. It wasn’t too sweet or bitter, and felt lighter than most beers, even though the ABV was much higher. We sampled standard mead and ones that had been fermented with fruits or different spices. By the end of the tasting session, we were asking where we could buy it in the Chicagoland area. (Binny’s, if you’re curious.)

Strawberry rhubarb mead

Strawberry rhubarb mead

In just a short amount of time, I was able to safely say – in a non-cop out manner – that I tried two new things: honeycomb and mead. I liked them each so much that with a little cheese and crackers, I’d argue you should try the two together.

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