And then there were 8…

I feel like this season just started, and in an hour, there will only be 8 contestants left.  Craziness.  My preditions for bottom 3?  Megan, Matt and Anoop.  I have a feeling that the judges will have to save someone for the first time.  I fear that Anoop is going home and the judges will save Megan.   But then I must ask myself why.  I’m not sure, but the judges seem to have an obsession with Megan.  She’s cute, which makes her commercial.  Minor detail–she’s not a very good singer.   (Whoa…Simon just had the same predictions as I did.)

Aww, Journey.  How lovely.

The Idols gave us a peek into a typical week.  It’s like a little sorority!  They attend events together, do their hair and makeup together, and hang out 24/7.  I’m jealous!  Look at them make fun of each other!

Uh oh, the moment of truth.  First, it’s Megan, Matt and Kris.  Oh no!  Unless Ryan pulls a fast card, my predictions are wrong.  Next group?  Adam, Lil and Allison.  Final group?  Scott, Danny and Anoop.  Geez.  Judging from that, I would have to say that Adam, Lil and Allison are safe for sure.  When will we find out?  After the break, of course.

Ah, and a performance from the reigning Idol, David Cook.  How we loved you last season (not as much as we loved Archie, but I’m not bitter).  How flat you were today.  Ouch.  Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Oh, Ryan.  You just pulled an April Fool’s trick on national television!  What a trickster you are.  Matt and Kris are safe, Megan is in the bottom three.  Lil is safe, and Allison is in the bottom three?!?!  Whaaat?  At least America got one thing right.  Good ol’ Adam is here to stay.

Time to go through the last group.  Danny gets to sit with the safe crowd.  Is it Anoop or Scott?  Anoop.  I knew it.  Only Usher can do Usher!  

(Random sidenote:  Lady GaGa is cracked out.)

Alright, back to the bottom three.  Allison is safe (duh).  How couldn’t she be?  She’s 16-years-old and sounds like Pink.  And the verdict?  Megan is going home and the remaining contestants are making bird noises.  She didn’t sound good last night, nor does she right now.  My ears hurt.  

So there you have it.  Bye bye, birdie.



One thought on “And then there were 8…

  1. Ann,
    You know how they have sport announcers telling you every play by play, that’s what this reminded me of…except it’s American Idol. I thought it was fabulous…of course EXCEPT the part about Mr. Cook. =)

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